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Ellen Barratt

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Ellen Barratt graduated in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts in June 2018. Ellen has participated in group shows, the most recent being at The Swiss Church, London where she built a site specific light performance.

Other noteworthy shows include Phototaxi at Untitled Gallery, Paris and Natural Light at Air Gallery, Manchester.

Ellen’s practice is multidisciplinary and she has produced a multi-sensory body of work, employing graphite and ink to create two dimensional depictions of light, exploring photographic light experiments, and using glass and reflective materials to situate the viewer in an immersive experience.

“Within my practice I explore ideas of perception, light and its counterpart shadow and the natural transitions from visible to invisible – multiple layers of light. Within the reality of our technologically advanced world, I use digital light as an analogue process. Light intrigues me as it balances on the edge of materiality.”

Ellen Barratt
Ellen Barratt

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